Services and Team

SWDS is dedicated to the ongoing success of our dealer community and its customers.

That’s why we established our training and management-consulting department as a pillar of our dealer client’s success. We know that ongoing training and consulting plays a critical role in preparing dealership professionals for the competitive challenges of the automobile industry and to elevate the profitably of a dealership.

We have provided our dealer clients with consultative selling, ongoing dealer monitoring and review, and interactive management and compliance training, all of which produce an increase in dealership income and customer service improvement. Our national training program is built with a solid foundation of up to date industry knowledge from our team of national training consultants, all of whom have extensive retail management experience. At SWDS, we view training and consulting as an art and a science.

If interested in one of SWDS’ custom training or consultative programs, please register here.

Training program include:

  • Comprehensive 5 Day F&I Training
  • 1,2, and 3 Day Regional F&I Training Seminars
  • In-Store Training Customized to Dealer's Specific Needs
  • Certifications
    • ACE (Automotive Compliance Education)
    • AFIP (Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals)

Interactive Training

  • Extensive role play
  • Continuous performance evaluations
  • Ongoing comfort level established individually
  • Build communication skills with customers
  • Focus is on principles of selling
  • Product knowledge
  • Presentation techniques
  • Product value building
  • Menu presentations
  • Objection handling
  • Lender relations
  • Department management
  • Legal and compliance issues

Observation and Coaching

  • Ongoing observation in the dealership
  • Evaluations and recommendations
  • One-on-one training on immediate concerns
  • Extensive development on product presentations
  • Lender & deal structure training
  • Additional group training when needed
  • Continuous, detailed performance tracking daily

Meeting with Management Team

  • Quarterly focus performance review
  • Review past month F&I by store, FM, SM, sales dept., “lender analysis” and “market comparison” by store, individual F&I “super gross”
  • Game plan List Income opportunities
  • Cover objection-handling topic
  • Cover compliance topics
  • Receive feedback
  • Cover goals for upcoming month

Store Development Activity

  • Sales Meetings
  • Communication with service manager & department
  • Communication with controller, office manager and accounting office

Executive-level meeting

  • Review month
  • Make recommendations
  • Receive feedback
  • Set group goals/focus
  • Set training agenda
  • Review Reinsurance Performance